If you’re new to PR, you might not be familiar with the term product placement. In short, it means getting your products in the right place to be seen by potential customers. If you’re looking for inspiration, we have plenty of product placement examples we can show you, where we have successfully placed our clients in their dream outlet.

Successful product placement

One successful campaign generated 140 pieces of coverage for a single client

But first, a brief overview.

Product placement means getting your products featured in some sort of media, be it a television show, a magazine, a newspaper article or on an influencer’s Instagram feed.

It’s a brand awareness exercise that has been around as long as PR itself and it still pays dividends.

The key to a successful product PR campaign is identifying which outlets engage with your target audience and connecting with them.

Find out which journalist looks after the section you want your product in and offer them everything they need to feature your product.

The essentials are great high res images and product information, as well as purchasing details such as the price and web address. If you target an online publication with these details, chances are your customers are just one click away from a purchase.

Great photography is essential for product PR

Consumer magazines are always on the hunt for great photography

If you have the stock to do so, offer your journalist a sample of the product you are pushing. Without doubt, you stand a much better chance of securing coverage if a journalist gets the product in front of them and can see for themselves how fantastic it is.

Another tip: look at where you want your product featured and see if lifestyle or cut-out photography is used and make sure you offer the same. If you can, send both.

product placement pr photography example

Cut out images offer versatility; always send both lifestyle and cut out options

Getting your products seen on TV, without parting without any money, can be more challenging. But it is possible.

We have secured some great product placement examples from this medium, which worked brilliantly for our clients. The first was offering product for garden show Love Your Garden. In return for providing garden furniture for a family home free of charge, we secured a listing for our client on the show’s website as well as mentions across social media.

Another huge television win was providing mirrors on behalf of our client Illuminated Mirrors for Britain’s Next Top Model. As well as scoring mentions on the programme’s Twitter page, we got judge Abby Clancy to post about them on her Instagram feed. We even got all the contestants to sign a mirror and organised a giveaway with Heat magazine.

Without doubt, the biggest change to product placement in recent years has been the rise of the online influencer. From parenting bloggers and reality TV stars to those who have simply carved out a career in influencing, it gives brands opportunities work in an exciting and innovative new space.

And it does work, but it is a sector driven with problems – which you can read about in our superbly-titled blog Bots, Pods and Lying Sods.

But done properly it does work and can pay dividends.

Look for influencers that align with your brand’s ethos. While they might not have the biggest following, those who do follow them will share your values. Good audience alignment means greater engagement.

If you want to see our own product placement pr examples, drop John or Sam a line.