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A week in the life… of Altrincham PR agency, jwc – by John and Sam (July 14)

A week in the life… of Altrincham PR agency, jwc – by John and Sam (July 14)

Sam says:

Things I’ve learnt this week: Slimming World Potato Salad is awful. Truly awful. Parallel parking is not my forte. And 13.1 miles is a really long way.

I’ve also learnt how to introduce pattern into the home, how biophilic interior design can enhance almost every aspect of your life and how women are making massive strides in architecture.

Never stop learning folks.


John says:

Sooo… this week we have whispers of some exciting news for clients… one involving M&S and another involving Morrisons. Can’t say anything else just yet, but we’ve got everything crossed.

It’s been a short, but busy week for me as I took the kids for a long weekend to Center Parcs. On my return, on Tuesday, a bursting inbox and to-do list needed dealing with. It’s now Thursday and I think I am just about there.

This week I have – spoken to a potential client in China, blagged a ticket to the RHS Tatton show, been interviewed about how to deal with toxic clients, created lots of social media content, worked tirelessly and brilliantly on all client accounts (of course) and just loads of, you know, stuff.

Thought for the week…

Center Parcs is a holiday that you think you’ve paid for … until you get there.


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