As a company offering PR for Interior Designers, we keen an eye on wallpaper trends.

Dedicated follower of fashion?TracyKendall_Sequins_web_Photo-Ollie-Harrop_1-7

Wall art imitates fashion. The cues are on the catwalk and there’s nothing wrong with stylish backdrops complimenting haute-couture – with sequins, checks and frivolous ruffles.

Set your wallpaper goals, channel your icons – clash it, mash it and mix it up!

This gorgeous feature wall is a project from Tracy Kendall.



Shandra Smith

Shandra Smith design courtesy of


Utilitarian chic

Your creative motif should be derived from the essence of the room!

For example, trippy acid prints are best reserved for party rooms and dining whilst birds perched on branches, suggest breakfast room styling.



If you ever needed any proof that there is power in pattern, here we have it. Fed up with an era of beige on beige, accented by…beige – floral prints are returning to our bedrooms. It’s chintzy we confess. Are we aspiring to the rooms of Grandma, do we need a candlewick bedspread and a cabinet of things you’re not allowed to touch?

Take pretty back to the bedroom with this lovely Bennison prints.

PR For Interior Designers


The trend for trellis is becoming more apparent. Pastels adorned the catwalks at the big four fashion weeks and now they are coming to a home near you.

Check out this delicate pastel trellis, perfect for an inspired English country garden room. Yet don’t  be mistaken, night owls needn’t feel left out of the trend as vivid geometrical papers are perfect for night cap backdrops.


Orange Dandilions from Melissa Launey – available at wallsauce

Once-upon a time typing mural into google meant you’d be hit with one of Hilda’s ducks (congratulations if you get that – you are officially old).

Today murals have progressed beyond quacking birds and city skylines. Digital printing is giving designers the chance to bring their patterns into large format and on to our walls. have a great selection of original artists producing fantastic wallcoverings




If you have not yet experienced the delights of chinoiserie wallpaper, then we are seriously wondering about your design choices. Time to chisel-off the woodchip?

Joking aside, chinoiserie patterns have held a prestigious place on the walls of many grand and historic buildings, reserved for the elite. That is until now.

Chinoiserie chic just got…well a little bit cheaper. The designs are elegant and the transformation is instant.

Working in PR for interior designers, jwcpr have developed their own wallpaper goals.

Our design aspirations tend to lean towards colour. Whilst monochrome interiors have a certain sophisticated allure, we love the idea that coloured walls can have a direct impact upon our moods.

Playing it safe there is a temptation to turn to navy. Technically a colour but firmly underpinned with modesty.  Yet as we work in a design industry, we seek to step out from the shadows and embrace citrus yellows and oranges. Maybe even pink, which beyond popular belief, is not only reserved for children under 8!