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Trends Update November 2020 – by the power of Greyscale

Trends Update November 2020 – by the power of Greyscale
a garden bench painted grey with a yellow cushion on the left hand side
Grey is far from finished, even if blue is still favourite

By The Power of Greyscale!

Last month we saw blue overtaking grey as the more popular choice for interiors wall coverings.

But it’s clear that grey is still everyone’s favourite neutral and that 2020 has been the year we fell hard for the shadowy shade.

Research from Google Trends has revealed that searches for ‘Grey’ within the UK’s Home & Garden category have been higher in 2020 than any other time since records began back in 2004.

That’s some going. Plus Thorndown Paint, this week revealed that Anthracite Grey is their best-selling colour of 2020, followed by Zinc Grey, Lead Grey, Mercury Grey and Dormouse Grey.

Peaking at the height of lockdown in June, it’s pretty clear grey isn’t going away any time soon.

And who can blame us for falling in love with a beautifully crisp tone.

It’s a fantastic neutral which works beautifully alongside many accent shades and works seamlessly with different styles – from contemporary Scandi schemes to more traditional looks.

Get it right and it’s a look that wows; but get it wrong and you run the risk of creating a dark scheme that adds little to the home.

One sure fire way to banish the boring is to pair it with pattern and accents.

Image shows: Greylake Wood Paint from Thorndown Paints £44 for 2.5l

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