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Top 20 Journalists on Twitter Who Write about SMEs

Top 20 Journalists on Twitter Who Write about SMEs

Isn’t it great when someone gives you a word of mouth referral, recommending your business to one of their friends.  How brilliant would it be if someone could recommend your business to, say, 10,000 friends?

That’s exactly what a trusted journalist can do. And then some.

So, I have created a list of who I think are the top 20 most influential business journalists writing about SMEs, today. All of whom are currently active on Twitter.

We are not talking your Robert Pestons, they are never going to write about small businesses. But these are people who write daily for national newspapers – and their respective websites – with audiences of tens of thousands.

The goal here isn’t to get a journalist to tweet about you, it’s to get them to know, like and trust you. And then to write about you.

You’re going to need to be smart about it. No journalist is going to engage with someone who just likes and retweets their content. That’s like standing next to them at a party and laughing at everything they say. It’s annoying.

You need to listen, learn about their work, figure out where your connects might be and then you can approach them, share content, respond to requests, or even – and here’s the golden goose – have a laugh. Share a joke and you’ll be remembered fondly (share a bad joke… god help you).

Twitter is the perfect platform for starting to build relationships. But you need to be smart.

So good luck. If you have success, or I’ve missed any, please let me know in the comments.

Updated 20-Nov-2018

Journalists to follow on Twitter – see my (John’s) twiter list of the below by clicking here

  1. Myron Jobson @Myron_Jobson
    Myron writes for and their spin-off site This is Money
  2. Claire Burke @GDNclaire
    Editor of the Guardian’s Small Business Network
  3. James Hurley @jameshurley
    James is Enterprise Editor at The Times and writes a lot about small business and start-ups.
  4. Matthew Caines @mattcaines
    The Telegraph have a special small business section called Telegraph Small Business Connect, which Matt edits.
  5. Hajra Rahim @hajrarahim
    Journalist working alongside Matt Caines at Telegraph Small Business Connect.
  6. Jack Torrance @theJackTorrance
    Business reporter @telegraph, covering property, outsourcers and support services. Also happy to display his email: jack.torrance@telegraph.co.uk
  7. Louise Eccles @louise_eccles
    Award-winning freelance finance and consumer journalist. Former Daily Mail.
  8. Hazel Sheffield @hazelsheffield 
    Hazel writes for a number of outlet but mainly the Indy Venture section of the Independent
  9. Yessi Bello-Perez @yessibelloperez
    If you’re involved in tech, or especially women in tech, Yessi is Editor at UK Tech News
  10. Peter Evans @peterevans10
    Enterprise Editor at The Sunday Times, writes about small business in the UK and very approachable
  11. Emma Sheppard @EmmalouSheppard
    Freelance journalist writing for a number of outlets on business. Invites story ideas by email or DM
  12. Kate McGough @KateMcGough
    Producer at BBC Breakfast and BBC Business
  13. Elizabeth Anderson @lizzyandersonuk
    Money and Business Editor at the i newspaper
  14. Praseeda Nair @notpraseeda
    Freelance who likes start-up stories
  15. Calum Macdonald @CalumAM
    Broadcast Journalist at BBC Radio 5 live
  16. Jon Card @joncard
    Freelance journalist specialising in small business, enterprise and technology. Previously written for The Guardian and The Telegraph.
  17. Lucy Douglas @lucydougtweets
    Managing editor of Courier Media who publish business stories every Friday. Previously written for The Guardian and Professional Beauty.
  18. Lucie Mitchell @luciemitchell
    Freelance journalist and editor specialising in small business and HR.
  19. Francois Badenhorst @FranBerBad
    Business Editor at AccountingWEB.co.uk he actively invites emails or DMs on Twitter. Great resource for accounting and finance professionals in the UK
  20. Simon Caldwell @_SimonCaldwell
    Deputy editor at Business Advice which specialises in micro-businesses
  21. Claire Burke @GDNClaire
    Editor of the Guardian B2B network.

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