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Terrible things #1

Some things, like rudeness, are bad. Other things – like, say, being forced to snog Nigel Farage – are really bad.

Yet some things are so incredibly wrong that they create their own blackhole vortex of naff only to pop out the other side into brilliance.

Like Flappy Bird… a bit.

We are going to start blogging ‘Terrible things’ which will be a celebration of the kind of naffness we love. It could be branding, advertising… you name it.

And we’ll start with this video.

It cost us £5 from fivesquids.co.uk and it’s terrible. But we can’t help but keep watching it.

It’s got stone arches… helicopters with slo-mo blades, big trucks, dancing shadow-people, epic music, applause and a big reveal.

But despite that… it’s just wrong.


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