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Ten of the most powerful online UK Media writing about SMEs and offering backlinks

Ten of the most powerful online UK Media writing about SMEs and offering backlinks

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to place editorial in high profile business media: to drive traffic to your site, to show authority and increase credibility, to reach target audiences, grow brand awareness, share news… the reason will be defined by your communication objectives.

For me, I like to work with sites which sometimes (not always) give a bit of a Brucey bonus, in the form of a backlink, which is good news for all kinds of reasons.

Here are my favourite national outlets. I’ll be putting together a regional one for next month.

The Guardian: Guardian B2B: Formerly the Guardian Small Business Network. The Guardian website gets around seven million visitors per month (vpm).

The Independent: – Indyventure is the section of the independent.co.uk (1.3m vpm) running stories on start-ups and exciting business innovations in culture and tech

Telegraph Connect – A specialist community on the Telegraph.co.uk site (6.3m vpm) dedicated to helping small business owners and directors. Great for sharing learnings.

Sunday Times Small Business: The ST has a dedicated section for SMEs on the times.co.uk site (>3m vpm). It’s behind a paywall though.

Virgin Startup: Portal for Virgin funding, but a nice outlet for sharing business lessons you have learned.

Growth Business: Not heard of it? 163,000 people visit this online resource for entrepreneurs, offering information, insights and inspiration for established businesses that are achieving rapid expansion.

Elite Business: Launched in August 2012, with 500,000 vpm (their figures) and are  interested in the start-ups and SMEs helping to drive Britain forward.

Business Matters – this is the online portal of one of the UK’s longest established business magazines. Founded in 1987, gets 37,000 vpm.

Real Business – One of the most read SME website dedicated to high-growth businesses and entrepreneurs, with 115,156 vpm.

Small Business: Provides advice and useful guides to UK sole traders and small businesses. Very useful if they are a customer of yours. 68,000 vpm

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