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Social Media Monitoring – How To Use Twitter Without Tweeting

Social Media Monitoring gives you a chance to listen in on what people are saying about you.
Social Media Monitoring Is like eavesdropping on peoples’ conversations. It can bring business benefits and outline problems.

Social Media Monitoring or How To Get The Best From Twitter Without Tweeting

Did you know that Social Media Monitoring of Twitter, Facebook et al, can be commercially useful without you ever having to compose a single post or tweet.

Because amazing things can happen when you start listening.

Imagine you’re on a train. It’s been a long day full of meetings which never went anywhere –that girl from marketing whose voice goes up at the end of her sentences was there, as was a grunty mouth-breather from HR.

As luck should have it the carriage isn’t too busy, you grab a double seat to yourself, you sit, you stretch, relaxed, unfolding a newspaper. You could look at your tablet, but your eyes aren’t in the mood.

You take a deep breath and let go a little sigh. Two people in the seat in front of you are talking animatedly about something. You listen. Indulging for a moment in a little harmless eavesdropping.

And that’s when you realise they are talking about you. More specifically your business.

One of them, Mr A, has issues with a service – issues you didn’t even know existed – and is planning to take his business elsewhere. But his friend, Mr B, however, is a loyal fan and encourages Mr A to give you a call and have you sort things out.

You are just making a note to contact them and fix this when suddenly the people behind you start talking, too.

One is asking the other to recommend a company. They are looking for someone in your sector who provides the services you provide.

Admittedly it’s a bizarre situation.

And while it’s highly unlikely to happen on a train, it isn’t that unusual for something like this to take place in the Social Sphere. That’s where Social Media Monitoring comes in really handy.

Given that in the UK, one in six of us are on Twitter, sending up to 13,000 tweets per second. Chances are that someone, somewhere has been talking about you.

That doesn’t mean you need to be tweeting what you had for lunch – I had squashed avocado on wholewheat toast – but you should definitely be listening and monitoring social media conversations.

People you don’t know could be talking about you and your business, people who don’t know your business could be looking for someone like you.

And this is where one of the most powerful facts of social media – you don’t need to tweet, Facebook or get LinkedIn to benefit from Social Media.

All you need to do is LISTEN…

There are great monitoring tools available for free or next to nothing which allow you to set up key words and monitor every single conversation taking place out in the Social Sphere. I use Hootsuite to monitor for several terms for my own business and for others which have led to great leads and business.

What are you waiting for? Start listening.


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