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Rug Retailer – best recycled washable rug

Rug Retailer – best recycled washable rug

How do I get products reviewed? This is a question we get asked a lot. And the answer is simple – you hire us to do it for you!

We are really pleased to have helped Rug Retailer see one of their “Hug Rugs” chosen by the Independent as one of the UK’s best washable rugs – specifically the best recycled washable rug. You can read the review by clicking here (we can’t show it on here because of copyright issues)

The same way we recently helped interiors brands Bobo1325 and Elizabeth Ockford have their wallpapers reviewed and chosen as “BEST” by The Independent. And interiors retailer Naken have one of their play tents applauded for being the most stylish in the UK.

We’ve been building our network of interiors writers, journalists, stylists and influencers for the last 10 years. If someone wants something to review, you can rest assured we are one of their first ports of call. This is a great example of how our network can bring real value to interiors brands.

In the case of the Rug Retailer, we were approached by a journalist contact who was writing the piece and asked if we had any suggestions.

After consulting with The Rug Retailer founder Chris Price, we put a case forward for THIS RUG  and were delighted to learn it had been shortlisted for the feature.

Next step was arranging for a sample to be sent, before a polite follow-up to find out how it had been received.

The test looked at the profile and depth of the rugs, as well as how easy they were to wash and dry while still retaining all the elements of colour and comfort you’d come to expect.

We were really pleased when it made the final cut. As well as the accolade of being Indy Best, Chris also has a really powerful backlink from the Independent which has a Domain Authority score of 84.


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