Press Release Examples 1 – initial release.

jwcpr used three press release examples to get great results for

Below is one of three press release examples for

We have three press release examples for the d3als campaign, aimed at different sectors. First we sold-in benefits to national consumer pages, then we used some mined data to approach the regionals, and finally a consumer survey on spending habits gave us our final release.

Along the way we had to bring in an expert to write a ‘savings’ piece for us which made two pages in The Sun newspaper’s Captain Crunch pages. A perfect hit for us.

For Immediate Release: – a new way to shop for bargains.


All the discounts, all the deals – none of the hassle.


Do you LOVE bargains but hate having to trawl through countless emails from Groupon, Wowcher, Living Social etc. to see who has the best deals? is the answer – a free service which puts the offerings of over 30 daily deals websites right at your fingertips.


See in an instant which sites have the deals you’re looking for – and then click through to buy them at no extra cost.


Visit to search by location or category and subscribe to the daily feed for a regular round-up of the very best bargains from all the leading deals sites.


So whatever you are looking for – from spa breaks and trips abroad to tooth-whitening and family days out – save yourself time AND money by looking for them on


Streamline your inbox and the way you shop forever.


Site founder Daire McCarthy, Said: “If you’re a fan of;;; Wowcher – or one of the many, many more daily deals websites across the UK – you’ll find everything they have to offer and much, much more at


“From Birmingham to London; Manchester to Edinburgh; Liverpool to Cardiff, save your time and your energy by getting the best deals in the land every morning through




d3als – pronounced d-three-als – has just launched in the UK.


In May 2011 it launched in Ireland where it became the second biggest deals aggregator site. To date d3als has offered over 1.5 million deals.




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We will post more press release examples from the campaign and others soon.