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Press Loft Review: Our verdict on the homes & interiors platform

Press Loft Review: Our verdict on the homes & interiors platform

If you’re considering investing in a Press Loft account, you’ll probably want to know what the people who already use the platform really think of it. What does a Press Loft review look like? We’ve used the platform for nearly ten years, so we are pretty well-placed to share the pros and cons of using it. But we have also scoured the internet to bring you the good, bad and everything in between. Along with our take as long time users.

TLDR: Press Loft reviews are mostly positive, support is good and the platform works well as an online press office. The press release and journalist request elements aren’t brilliant. Most requests are bloggers wanting free stuff. A good addition to the marketing stack for interiors brands.

They have recently added the option to activate affiliate marketing through the platform. We haven’t any reviews on the effectiveness of this just yet.

Be sure to check out our Indie Interiors Press Office.  

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The Good

“As a small start-up Press Loft has been an invaluable part of my business getting my products and brand recognised. I feel I am guided and helped all the way launching my products and I always get great feedback and downloads from journalists! A big shout out to all small businesses to give Press Loft a go, I could not recommend the service high enough!”

Source: Google Reviews

If you’re launching a new business, building brand recognition is essential as this Press Loft review demonstrates.

One of the key ways to generate really good PR for your homes & interiors brand is by getting your products noticed by journalists, influencers and editors. And Press Loft claims to have around 20,000 of them subscribed to the platform globally.

To make a great first impression you need brilliantly composed high res imagery, decent product descriptions and an informative boilerplate. Sounds easy enough but make sure you review each of your assets before posting them online.

You never get a second chance at a first impression so check your image sizes, product details and make sure your boilerplate zings.

If you need any help with any of these, you can always drop us a line here.

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The Even Better

“Where would I be without Press Loft!!!
I’ve been using their images for literally years. They make it so easy to complete features for national interiors magazines when all the PRs are tucked up in bed.

“As a freelance interior stylist, I’m always juggling features, shoots and kids and being able to get the right images instantly – whatever the time of day or night, is a complete game-changer.

“Press Loft is also a great place to discover new brands I’ve not heard of before and instantly contact the PR for that brand – no more going around the houses trying to find the right person to send you a high res image- as is often the case with companies not used to this easy setup.

“I can’t imagine a working world without Press Loft there, helping me save time and making my life so much easier.

“From one not so stressed out Interior stylist thank you Press Loft, keep up the good work.”

Source: https://www.facebook.com/pg/PressLoft/reviews/?ref=page_internal

This Press Loft review echoes the experience of our Account Director Sam, who first used Press Loft as a time-poor journalist. For her, the ability to download great quality, high res images any time of day (or night) was a godsend.

As a PR agency, we try to work flexibly so our clients never miss out on any opportunities but having Press Loft as a back-up is ideal.

With working from home on the rise thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, and traditional office hours seemingly a thing of the past, Press Loft’s 24/7 availability is needed now more than ever. For journalists, PRs and most importantly – clients.

The Bad

“Learn to reply messages and feedback to start with!!”

Source: https://www.facebook.com/pg/PressLoft/reviews/?ref=page_internal

Once upon a time, Press Loft were a little slow at coming back, but that has improved massively recently.

Perhaps we’re in a really lucky position that we have two very attentive account managers looking after us, and from niggles with image uploads to personalising a press office, the team at Press Loft are seemingly always on hand to help. In our experience anyway.

The Rest

“I currently use pressloft.com to send press release out to pr and press contacts. Does anyone know of any other company online that provides a similar service as theres is a good service but a little pricey?

Source: https://www.ukbusinessforums.co.uk/threads/press-loft.124946/”

Is Press Loft Expensive?

While Press Loft pricing might be considered expensive by some, when you consider what you get in return, in our opinion, it’s a pretty good value.

Press Loft has a simple and clear pricing policy with its premium package costing £350 per month. That includes 1,000 images in your online press room, two press releases and one influencer collaboration. 

Compare that to the costs of a full PR retainer, which can cost over £2,000 a month. Of course, with a retainer you’ll be getting a completely different level of service, but if you are on a tight budget it’s easy to see why Press Loft is so appealing.

Does Press Loft Work

Yes. It has it’s strengths and it’s weaknesses. It tries to do everything. As a result does some things well and some not so much. 

In our experince the real strength of Press Loft is in being an online home for your product photography, which is findable 24/7 by journalists, editors and influencers. You need to be smart with your keywords and update them as trends etc emerge and become relevant. Where it falls down a little, is in the premium offerings. The “Journalist Request” element is a really nice idea, but most requests are from low-level bloggers looking for free products. Press releases are easy to create and distribute, but we don’t see the kind of uptake we do when sending direct to our own networks.

We love Press Loft. It makes our jobs a lot easier. If you are an independent homes, gardens or interiors brand, we have created the Indie Interiors Press Office just for you. It draws on our ten-years of experience in the sector and we think you’ll be genuinely impressed with the price and the value we deliver. Please click here to find out more.


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