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PR for Online Retailers And Service Providers

PR for online retailers just makes sense
PR is SEO but a thousand times more powerful

We’ve spent a lot of time recently providing PR support for online retailers and service providers.

So we thought we’d put together a little cred sheet which outlined some of our recent campaigns in simple terms.

You can download it for free here:

Feel free to pass it on to anyone who is thinking about PR support for their online business.

We love working with online businesses. It has given us a simple way to measure the value of PR.

With Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools on your site, we can measure every visit, we can see where it comes from, what search terms brought them there (aside from the ones Google hides – naughty Google) and relate this directly to PR activity.

What’s more, the kind of links we get you from online versions of national publications and high authority blogs are a thousand times more valuable than the links your SEO team spend an age securing by listing you in obscure directories and commenting on blogs.

For PR practitioners it is a godsend. For online retailers and service providers it shows instantly and free of charge what kind of activity has the best effect.

That’s why we love working with online retailers and service providers.

Not only that, but nine times out of ten, of you are an online retailer then you already have fantastic product photos. As we keep repeating if you are carrying out product PR – ie. targeting the product pages of lifestyle magazines – having great images mean you are already more than half of the way there.

That makes our job simpler too.

The internet has brought around a real shift of power away from the High Street back towards the manufacturer.  More and more businesses who for years, decades, have relied on major multiples to carry their goods are now setting up their own shops and bringing their products straight to the customer.

And we are enjoying telling the customer all about it.


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