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Pantone CoY 2023 – Viva Magenta

Pantone CoY 2023 – Viva Magenta

An abstract piece of art using PAntone's color of the year for 2023 Viva Magenta

Viva Magenta declared Pantone Color of the Year 2023

Global colour authority Pantone has named it’s Color of the Year for 2023 and it’s a bold one: Viva Magenta.

Viva Magenta (or Pantone 18-1750) is a pulsating pinky red hue that is, supposedly, an expressive signal of a new strength.

According to the colour institute itself, it’s “an animated red that revels in pure joy, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint.”

It certainly is a bold one, that is for sure.

But in terms of interiors, how will we see Viva Magenta emerge in the home in 2023.


Beth Travers, founder of maximalist design house Bobo1325,  thinks it’s the perfect accent colour:

“There’s a great deal of force behind this colour powerhouse. Magenta is often a colour associated with romance, and its intensity evokes feelings of passion.

“Which is why I think Viva Magenta makes a great accent colour. Its intensity and power can really draw the eye to where you want it, especially in botanical elements. It’s a little pop of passionate rebellion, standing out from the crowd in its individuality saying ‘I am here, I am me’ something that really resonates with me as a designer.”

BOBO 1325, Frenemy wallpaper in Warm Amber, £180 per roll

Artisan textile designer and author Jan Constantine is a fan. She said: “I really like it – it feels exciting to me and a big boost that I think we all need during these challenging times.  It’s a fantastic choice as it’s so upbeat and optimistic.”

two cushions on chairs showing running zebras background colour is viva magenta
Jan Constantine, Running Zebra Cushion, £120

Victoria Yardley, founder of eco paint brand Victory Colours, this Viva Magenta will work with a plethora of shades for a bold new direction in interior schemes:

“We are embracing the dawn of a new era of colour and joy as we emerge from dark times.

“This primordial magenta hue goes well with lots of colours in the spectrum, pair with a warm white for a toned-down colour scheme, or go full throttle with a full colour combination of brights.”

A tin of paint in viva magenta
Victory Colours, Duchesse D’Orleans No91, £41.95

Brendon Haxby, co-founder of luxury interiors retailer Naken, said: “I’d say it’s a good choice and a warm opulent colour. I think it’s going to work well to show a streak of luxury but it will have to be used sparingly. I personally wouldn’t paint all four walls of a room with this colour, but maybe in some luxurious furniture of accessories like a pouf or some cushions.”

“You can usually get an idea of what it’s going to be with the new products that come out from the on-trend brands. However, this one, Viva Magenta is a bit of a surprise and unlike the blues, yellows and greys, of the most recent years I really like this one personally.”

a cartoon like lamp in viva magenta
Naken, Seletti Street Lamp Outdoor Floor Lamp Pink, £2739

Zoe Eaton, creative director of wallpaper brand Ohpopsi, said: “It reminds me of a Tropical Red Ginger flower so it’s got a good feel about it…outdoors, alive and positive!

“I like the colour because its rich and bold.  It works because it has a magenta undertone and is not too red so makes it more usable.it softens its slightly.

“It’s quite adventurous which we love at Ohpopsi.

“It will work with lots of tones – you could go rich and bold with other jewel colours and metals, emerald, gold, spice etc or soften it down with biscuit, blush and apple, so even though its bold its quite versatile.

“For interiors I see it more for downstairs spaces, so living rooms, dining, dramatic hallways etc.”

Ohpopsi, Seedheads in Raspberry Sky wallpaper, £69 per roll

Ben Thornborough of wood paint specialists Thorndown:

“Cochineal is born from nature, derived from cocci bugs giving it a direct relation to its primordial nature, so it is no wonder this shade of red resonates strongly with feelings of natural power, strength and hope. Red is well known to have a physical influence on people and given the turbulent times encompassing the world it is the perfect moment to envelope ourselves with a colour that will inspire and energise.

“It may be no coincidence that we have recently seen an increase in the sales of Foxwhelp, our light red meets dark pink wood paint that has a hint of coral. This colour obviously resonates well with how people are feeling.

“Viva Magenta was very popular in regency times so fits perfectly within a heritage home but also works well in modern spaces. Using the energising colour in an office can be the perfect place to inspire creativity.

“It would be a great colour to use for a standout timber structure in the garden, be it a building or a chair because it is so complimentary to natural greens.

“Warm rich creams such as Bath Cream are always the perfect pairing with a rich red tone, while Reed Green would be a complimentary hue.”

Thorndown Paints, Foxwhelp Red Wood Paint, £20

Artist and founder of Red Dog Glass DesignSally Coulden, said:

“I think its a great choice, it’s energising but a warm energy which builds on strength and resilience and I think everyone is going to need this form of energy over the next year.

“It makes me feel strong and secure when I see this colour – it’s a fantastic colour and red plays a major part in all my paintings – I often use it as a grounding colour to paint on as it brings a depth to my painting that other colours don’t.

“I think this colour can be played either way depending on the furniture you pair with it and how you dress the room. You can create a very moody, atmospheric jazz club feel with rich leathers and subtle lighting alternatively pair it with funky cobalt blue or green velvet furniture, lots of plants/ foliage with lots of natural light – how fab would that be?”

“As above – I would either go soft and moody or completely out there with bright colours to bounce off it and play!”

Inch by Inch, bespoke glass panel from Red Dog Glass Design

Abbas Yousefi, founder of designer tile emporium, Porcelain Superstore, said: “Viva Magenta is a bold burst of colour screaming energy and passion.

“We all know the last two years haven’t been the easiest and while we know there are still going to bumps along the way, Viva Magenta feels like an injection of positivity and hope.

“Interiors wise, we have seen homeowners get more creative and bold as interior schemes are projected into the world via social media, and Viva Magenta is a hue that will command attention. Team with warm whites for a scheme that will burst with vibrant positivity.”

Porcelain Superstore Dorset Red tiles £48 m2

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