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Smoked Wood for Modern Homes

Smoked Wood for Modern Homes

Smoked wood flooring is timeless, versatile, and according to flooring specialists Woodpecker Flooring, completely on-trend for 2024.

The family-run wood floor experts have seen a rising demand for smoked wood flooring as homeowners look for a contemporary design style that incorporates warmth and depth.

Darwyn Ker, Managing Director of Woodpecker Flooring, said: “There has been a real rise in sleek home styling, but with that comes the desire to incorporate some traditional elements. Smoked wood flooring is one way to add a timeless finish as well as an injection of natural materials and we are seeing a growing interest in our smoked boards.”

Smoking is when boards are treated to intensify their natural colours. Typically, tannins in the timber are enhanced to increase the natural colour variations in the wood.

It’s a process that dates back to the start of the 20th century and has rarely fallen out of favour since.

Woodpecker’s collection of smoked wood floors include Berkeley Smoked Oak Engineered Wood Flooring. It can be used to bring depth, character and history to any space with its antiqued finish. Part of the Legacy range, it boasts intricate knots and a beautiful, distressed edge.

While Berkeley Smoked Oak is ideal for those who want a brooding floor, its counterpart from the Goodrich collection has a more warming feel. Here, the smoking process has been used to highlight the golden feel of the oak.

Darwyn added: “The smoking process uncovers some beautiful variations in wood, from deep browns through to warm golds, and the effect is stunning.”

“Whatever mood you want to create in the home, a smoked wood board will help cement your individual style and create a stunning canvas around which to build the rest of your interior scheme.”

Berkeley Smoked Oak Engineered Wood Flooring is available now for £123 per m2, while Goodrich Smoked Oak Engineered Wood Flooring is £113 per m2. Both are available from woodpeckerflooring.co.uk


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