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Ohpopsi’s Latest Collection: Where Bold Colours Meet the Lushness of Spring

Ohpopsi’s Latest Collection: Where Bold Colours Meet the Lushness of Spring

Bring spring into your home with these gorgeous leafy selections from independent wallpaper design house Ohpopsi.

Bringing together Ohpopsi’s statement beautiful bold colours and patterns with an added injection of greenery for a  biophilic burst of summer.

The selection celebrates the rich flora and fauna of the natural world and transports it directly into the home.

Zoe Eaton, Creative Director of Ohpopsi, said: “Biophilia has been one of the big trends in interiors over recent years and it’s easy to see why. It reduces stress levels, improves productivity and generally gives our moods a really good boost.

“This selection has been curated from our established designs to give living spaces and bedrooms a huge dose of biophilic goodness. From the pattern to the colours, these designs have been handpicked to help homeowners connect to nature.”

The Leafy Selection features Houseplant, a design that celebrates the beauty of houseplants. Fortunately, these hanging houseplants require a lot less maintenance than the real thing.

Glasshouse was inspired by Glasgow’s famous Botanical Gardens and features a playful take on tropical leaves.

The final addition to the collection is Hummingbird, which offers an explosion of foliage in striking shades of forest green.

Zoe added: “Our mission at Ohpopsi has always been to make homes feel joyous and positive and nothing sums up that ethos more than the Leafy Selection.”

The Leafy Selection is available now, with prices starting at £47 per roll.


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