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Naturewall’s Waterproof SlatWall Takes on Spills and Scratches

Naturewall’s Waterproof SlatWall Takes on Spills and Scratches

SlatWall specialists Naturewall have expanded their waterproof collection with the addition of five new panels.

This means homeowners have even more choice when it comes to choosing SlatWall for humid areas of the home. Plus, because each of these panels are low maintenance and easy to clean, they are ideal for use in high-traffic areas such as hallways and living areas.

They five new panels are: SlatWall Waterproof Charcoal, Reeded Waterproof Natural Oak, Reeded Waterproof Walnut, Reeded Waterproof Charcoal and Reeded Waterproof White Marble. The are all subtly textured for a tactile finish and showcase stone and wood-effects for a nature-inspired touch.

They’re lightweight and feature a modular tongue and groove design, slotting together for easy installation.

Olivia Crosher, Designer and Visual Stylist, at Naturewall, said: “These innovative new panels will bring the warmth and beauty of the natural world wherever they are used, as well as the peace of mind they are not going to decay in humid spaces.”

“The subtle wood grain and stone-effect finish evoke an element of calm and help create a tranquil atmosphere.”

“Plus, the easy-to-clean surface ensures your spa-like retreat remains effortlessly beautiful.”

The panels are made from recycled materials and are all available in 2.4-metre panels.

SlatWall Waterproof Charcoal with its luxuriously brooding colourway brings with it depth and drama, while Reeded Waterproof White Marble offers a soft-yet-stunning appearance with its gentle white veining and warm tones.

Reeded Waterproof Natural Oak will give bathrooms and kitchens a fresh contemporary look, while Reeded Waterproof Walnut will uplift any space to create an inviting room.

Finally, Reeded Waterproof Charcoal is bursting with charisma for an interior scheme that isn’t afraid to be bold.

Waterproof SlatWall is available now from Naturewall, with prices starting at £25.19 for a single panel.


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