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Forget Minimalism: Rich Colors and Bold Patterns Reign Supreme as Victorian Style Heats Up

Forget Minimalism: Rich Colors and Bold Patterns Reign Supreme as Victorian Style Heats Up

Consumer interest in Victorian-inspired interiors is soaring, according to new research from heating and bathroom specialists Renaissance at Home.

Using data from Google, Renaissance at Home found searches for ‘Victorian interiors’ peaked at 100 index points earlier this month.

Brian Athey, Managing Director of Renaissance at Home, said: “Victorian-inspired interior schemes can work in every home, even the most contemporary of living spaces.

“The Victorians were renowned for their use of bold patterns, rich colours and timeless craftsmanship and these elements can all be translated into modern interior design. Period elegance combined with modern interiors will create a space that’s sophisticated and inviting.”

Investing in a Victorian-inspired fireplace or radiator is one way to inject period features (and of course, heat) into the home.

Brian added: “Fireplaces and radiators are staple pieces of interior design, so investing in ones which will transcend trends is vital. Victorian-inspired pieces will bring a character and charm around which homeowners can build the rest of their interior scheme.”

Renaissance at Home’s own collection of Victoriana include their Victorian fireplaces. Available in two sizes – large and small – they have been designed with intricate fruit and urn artwork and completed with a beautifully sunken archway.

For a more modern take on Victorian décor, the brand’s Duchess and Rathmell radiators both add a contemporary spin on classic period design. What’s more, both are available in a wide range of finishes, including hand-burnished and antiqued French grey.

Brian said: “Homeowners looking to create a warm and cosy interior scheme so they are ready for winter should take heed of this summer’s hottest interior trend.”

Renaissance at Home carried out the research using the Google Trends platform, which considers over 3.5 billion searches a day.

Searches for ‘Victorian Interiors’ within the Home and Garden category, peaked at 100 between May 12 and May 18, 2024.

The full Victorian-inspired interiors collection is available now from Renaissance at Home


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