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Expert Summer Savings: UK Radiators’ Top Money-Saving Strategies

Expert Summer Savings: UK Radiators’ Top Money-Saving Strategies

As summer arrives, bringing with it the promise of warmer days, managing your home’s heating needs can become a little trickier, warns Rob Nezard, Managing Director of UK Radiators.

What’s more, it can also prove expensive if not done right.

Here Rob spells out SIX spring heating mistakes that can cost you money as we head into warmer months.


Not Adjusting Heating Control Timers When the Clocks Change:

Rob said: “Your smartphone might update automatically to English Summertime, but most heating appliances need a manual adjustment.

“This oversight can lead to your heating system operating on a winter schedule, potentially heating your home when it’s not needed. Ensure your heating timers are set correctly to reflect the longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures.”


Not Adjusting Boiler Flow Temperature:

Rob said: “If you need to keep heating on, then adjusting your boiler flow temperature will save you pounds.

“Your boiler flow temperature is the heat at which water is pumped out of your boiler into your radiators. As the outside temperature rises, begin to gradually reduce this so your system uses less energy while still maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

“Switching down from 80C to 55C can save you around 12% on your bills (EDF).”


Failing to Switch Dual Fuel Appliances Over to Electric:

Rob said: “Dual fuel appliances, like towel rails, offer the flexibility to switch from your central heating system to electricity. Not making this switch in spring can lead to unnecessary use of your heating system, wasting energy. Use the electric option during warmer months to maintain comfort without overworking your heating system.”


Ignoring Maintenance Opportunities:

Rob said: “Winter is the most expensive time to get your boiler serviced or deal with faults, due to the increased demand.

“A little foresight means you can go about servicing your boiler and making necessary repairs in the warmer months, ensuring your system is ready for winter and potentially saving you from costly emergency repairs.”


Not Taking Advantage of Solar Gains:

Rob said: “If it’s a sunny day, get all those curtains and blinds open and enjoy free heating. The sun’s energy can significantly warm your home, reducing the need for artificial heating. Not using this natural heat source by keeping curtains and blinds closed during sunny days is a missed opportunity.”


Not Adapting to Spring’s Unpredictable Weather:

Rob said: “Spring weather can be inconsistent, with warm days suddenly giving way to cold spells – and leading to one of those ‘I’m putting the heating on,’ moments.

“This is fine, but don’t default back to your winter settings. Assess the weather and adjust your heating settings as needed to maintain efficiency and comfort throughout the season.”

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