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Lunchtime musings from Altrincham PR agency jwc September 15

Lunchtime musings from Altrincham PR agency jwc September 15

Sam says…

There are some marvellous tools available to us PRs and one of my favourites is Press Loft.

It’s an online image library where journalists can download high res images and captions 24/7.

I used it when I was a journalist and it saved my bacon on more than one occasion when deadlines were pressing and resource was limited.

This week I have uploaded, tagged and posted Press Loft descriptions for more than 200 images on behalf of the fabulously festive Handmade Christmas Co – our client who specialises in, well, handmade Christmas products.

It’s a laborious task but it’s one that has already paid dividends. Within five minutes of uploading the images we’d already had 21 downloads, multiple requests for samples and confirmed coverage in two Christmas gift guides.

Merry Bloody Christmas indeed.

John says…

Sam’s new favourite lunch is Slimming World Vegetable Biryani And it doesn’t half stink the place out. Mind you, that said, it’s slightly better than the egg mayonnaise she had last week. That smelt like we were in a sulphur pit.

And, to be fair, all that pales into insignificance when we remember the time she brought in a George Foreman grill and cooked two mackerel on it.  You have never smelt anything like it. We had a client coming in and I had to spend a month’s marketing budget on air freshener and fabreze.

It’s her birthday today. So I shouldn’t be mean. Happy birthday Sam.


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