John says…

This week I have become besotted with Facebook pages. Especially the ‘Buy, Sell, Swap’ pages. I don

[‘t know why I am so fascinated by ‘tat’ but I am. It’s really interesting to see how the goods offered differs by area. So, for instance “Mobberley Buy Sell” right now has some £150 concert tickets and a shabby chic chest. While “Salford Real Bargains” there’s a dog cage, e-cig liquid and 20 bottles of Chanel perfume for a fiver. Seems legit.

Seriously, for a quid I could have a NOW TV remote – I don‘t have NOW TV, but I might get it just so I could use that remote.

For a tenner I could have a pair of connected green and white camping chairs with built-in umbrella; a set of hardback Agatha Christie books or a child’s coat.

I should probably do some work…


Sam says…

This time last week I was sipping alcohol by a pool while soaking up the last of the glorious British sunshine.

What a difference seven days make.

Back in the office with the heater on full whack and it’s all change. In between his new Facebook obsession, John has been crafting a new reporting system while I’ve been away, so it’s all hands on deck as we complete our monthly client reports.

Throw in a profile piece on a philanthropic wealth management service for a finance magazine, and two interior columns and it’s been a busy, but productive, few days.