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Lunchtime musings from Altrincham PR agency jwc December 8

Lunchtime musings from Altrincham PR agency jwc December 8

Sam says…

When it comes to office snacks, John and I are pretty good. Or at least we try to be.

Which is why today’s snack of choice makes zero sense… a pack of cheap (55p) pink wafer biscuits from the local newsagent.

I can’t stop eating them even though they taste appallingly bad.

Which made me think of the biscuits of my childhood, which made me think of biscuit adverts and the fact my children will grow up in a world where biscuit ads are banned (well, until after they are in bed at least). Which means while they may grow up to live longer, healthier lives than their parents, they will miss out on the joy of the Cadbury Caramel Bunny, Milky Way’s racing red and blue cars and the iconic “Milky Bars are on Me!”

Thank goodness for YouTube!

John says…

Today Spotify ‘gifted’ me a playlist of my most-played songs for 2017. I was quite excited. Until I hit play. And realised that allowing your kids to play with your Spotify, can absolutely ruin your cool.  This is what occurred – a rundown of the Top Ten:

  1. Gangnam Style, Psy – The kids.
  2. Can’t Stop The Feeling, Justin TImberblurb – again… The kids.
  3. Smooth Criminal, Jacko, – the kids
  4. Creep, Radiohead – Me!
  5. Something Just Like This, Chainsmokers, Coldplay – Me
  6. Street Tuff, Double Trouble – no idea
  7. Start Wearing Purple, Gogol Bordello – me and the kids
  8. Sir Duke, Stevie Wonder – lovely wife
  9. Superstylin, Groove Armada – lovely wife
  10. Superman, Black Lace – DEFINITELY the kids.

And here are a few that stuck out as I was scrolling through the list.

  • Boomerang, Jojo Siwa – who?
  • Fight Like a Girl, MC Jams – erm…
  • Ya Mama, Pharcyde – suspect lovely wife
  • The Last Farewell, Elvis – might have been me.
  • Narwhals are Awesome, Jellybug – words fail me.

So there you have it a cross section of my life in audio form. New year’s resolution – must do better.



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