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Lifestyle and cut-out images – how to double your chances of media coverage

Lifestyle and cut-out images – how to double your chances of media coverage

Whatever your product, from candles to cake toppers, creating cut-out and lifestyle versions of your product images effectively doubles you chance of getting your items used in the media.

The truth of the matter is some publications, both in print and online, have their own preference when it comes to which style of photography they will feature. So it pays to have both.

A lifestyle image showing the Scandi collection from Tru Living


Photography that encapsulates your brand’s persona is called lifestyle photography.

It takes place in a simulated real-life setting, an aspirational setting which shows your product in the best possible light (and light is important too!)

We’ve had pages of coverage in highly coveted media using beautifully shot lifestyle images.

But product shots – or cut-outs – are just as important.


These show you products, surprise, surprise, cut out against a white background. A png with a transparent background works too.

Cut-out images, or product shots, are easier for journalists and picture editors – whoever looks after the subbing side of the outlet you’re dealing with – to use on product pages.

They are also used extensively for shopping pages, ‘get the look’ pages, trend pages… and basically any kind of page where readers are being recommended things to buy. So why wouldn’t you want to maximise your chances of having your products recommended in this way?

Making your images available

If you’ve gone to all the effort of a professional photoshoot, you’re going to want to get your photographs in front of as many journalists, picture editors and subs as possible.

There are some great sites that will host your images and get them in front of journalists.

Press Loft is our personal fave when it comes to making images available to the media and if you are considering using this platform, take a look at our incredible Indie Interiors Press Office

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