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Launch of D3als.co.uk

D3als.co.uk is a service which delivers subscribers a daily list of the best deals the internet has to offer. It collates all the discounts on offer from over 30 ‘deals’ websites such as Groupon and Living Social etc. and generates revenue through referral sales.

They had soft-launched in the UK and attracted subscribers through social media, but a push was needed to bring more on board. D3als also wanted coverage in regional press of major cities as the website was able to deliver location-specific offers.

Also, as the idea of an aggregator like this was a new idea to the UK market some education of consumers needed to take place in order to spell out the benefits of the site and differentiate it from the regular deals sites.


  • To educate consumers as to what the website actually does
  • To attract new subscribers
  • Increase web traffic
  • Increase visitor revenue.


Strategy and Plan:

Jwcpr identified early on that, given the budget, our best option for educating the consumer and driving traffic would be securing a feature in a high circulation newspaper – ideally on pages well-known for their consumer focus.

We identified the best outlet as The Sun’s ‘Captain Crunch’ pages. We recruited a recognisable consumer savings expert and working with him, alongside The Sun’s Tim Spanton, we compiled a feature which gave great consumer advice on savings, but which also heavily promoted d3als.co.uk through the mouth of the expert.

We wanted to follow the Sun feature with two further releases to maximise the impact.

First of all we carried out a consumer survey on spending habits and which threw up some surprising newsworthy facts on men being more generous than women.

To reign in the spend, and create a campaign for the regions, we mined Google AdWords data for relevant search terms which gave us a final follow-up story about the UK’s most “deal-hungry” cities.


The Sun ran the Captain Crunch feature as a two page spread, and online. Other highlights included d3als.co.uk on the ‘Savvy Shopper’ pages of Woman’s Own and in Now magazine, Sunday Express and Daily Star Sunday.

Regional newspapers and radio featured the story we made with data mined from Google.

Altogether 23 pieces of coverage were recorded. The feature in The Sun, which pointed out the benefits of using the service over a normal daily deals site drove huge traffic resulting in a large number of sign-ups.

Measurement and Evaluation:

  • UK Email subscriber base increased 8 fold.
  • Daily web traffic doubled.
  • Per visitor revenue increased by 25%



Site founder Daire McCarthy: “John worked on the launch of d3als.co.uk, a UK daily deal aggregation site for me. He is without doubt an expert in the PR minefield and he successfully managed to get d3als.co.uk great coverage in the national and regional newspapers, along with some influential magazines – exactly what we were looking for. Anyone who is looking for a PR expert – John is your only man.”


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