Sam says:

A chocca week at jwc HQ and we are loving it.

We’ve had a client appearing on Radio Five Live to discuss the benefits of peternity leave – time off for staff who get a new puppy – and another being interviewed about how her career as a psychologist led to a Channel Five series where she shares her professional opinion on the perpetrators of some the country’s most shocking murders.

In other breaking news, the weather has turned a little damp these past few days so John and I are sacking off the salads in favour of our favourite lunchtime haunt and their delicious tomato and chilli soup. Hold the front page.

John says:

What Sam gets for 53p at the local butty shop

What Sam gets for 53p at the local butty shop

Sam’s favourite lunchtime haunt is a sandwich shop close to the office where the owner has a bit of a thing for her. Either that or he just thinks she needs properly feeding-up because he keeps giving her food for free – or near as damn it. If I go in it’s full price for everything. If Sam goes in she could buy the whole shop and still get change from a fiver.

In other news… We’ve produced a video for the Guerrilla Garden Makeover campaign, that will go live next week most probably. Have been negotiating a book deal with a national newspaper and writing about child homelessness. I have fallen in love with copper baths. I want a client who make copper baths. That’s my mission now.

See you next week.