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Your mirror goals should reflect what you desire…. says the north’s leading interiors PR agency

Your mirror goals should reflect what you desire…. says the north’s leading interiors PR agency

If your bathroom falls short on creativity, perhaps a style-edit is required. Even the most modest homes are seeking game-changing bathrooms, aspiring to create a spa sanctuary or delicate powder room.

We are not suggesting a complete style makeover, but small changes can make a big difference, starting with your mirror style. Time to step through the looking glass….

Give the bathroom an antique tweakBathroom 1

Re-styling sometimes requires a little smoke and mirrors. Re-modelling can be purse stretching but stripping back is liberating. Expose natural flooring, bare brick walls and add cedar and teak accents to naturally evoke the experience of the world’s most indulgent spas!

The success of the look is hinged on your chosen wall artistry. Go antiquing! Revel in the romance of trawling through treasure cluttered troves or bring everything back to the future.


Marble and chrome

Bathroom 2The crisp aesthetics of Carrara marble and chrome requires a less is more reflection. Bigger and borderless is better, flanked with minimalistic wall lights for a sleek finish. Of course this look also requires a healthy bank balance, but monochrome styling can be equally chic.

Apply the ratio question to determine how dramatic the look should be. For example, more black and less white equals city spa, white with black accents…coastal. To confirm your design kudos, opt for geometrical mirrors.

Tinseltown chic

If your home interest looks further afield for interior inspiration, the bright lights of Hollywood are perfect for lighting your set.

Whether your grandeur ambitions opt for Art Deco or Neoclassical themes, amplifying your style requires the iconic tinsel town statement mirror.

As an interiors PR agency we have major envy for our clients Illuminated Mirror  products. Check out the handmade bluetooth connected Hollywood mirror! Complete with golf ball LED bulbs and dimmer switch. Post to Instagram immediately.






More than just a mirror

A well placed mirror steals attention from any interior imperfections. Oversized proportions are bang on trend whilst hiding a multitude of sins. The trusty looking glass is no longer a functional aid to assist the vain in getting ready, but is a compulsory tool in every interior designers box.

Careful positioning, defines perfection. For example, a mirror centrally hung, instantly provides the focal point of the room. The secret lives of mirrors was exposed long ago and frequently they are utilised to give a feeling of extended space. A trio of repeated mirrors, creates an illusion that is double the size of the actual room.

All mirrors come with their own style stamp and the possibilities are endless. Choose from geometrical, sunburst, over-sized, fishbowl…the list goes on.


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