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Who lives in a house like this…the Cheshire Housewives of course!

Who lives in a house like this…the Cheshire Housewives of course!

Cheshire Housewives are interesting to an interiors pr agency

Cheshire HousewivesHurrah, Hurrah, the new season of Cheshire Housewives is set to be on our screens within just a few weeks, bringing glamour back to weekday evenings! Fans of the show will be expecting fast cars, expensive restaurants and plenty of champagne-fuelled spats. Not to miss out on the drama, here at jwc Interiors PR Agency, we have decided to kick things off early….

Feeling brave, we are pitching queen of housewives Dawn Ward’s house, against the beautiful home of Stacey Forsey….So whose is the best? Let’s set the cat amongst those proverbial pigeons!

Warford Hall….Dawn Ward!

We are expecting major things here, particularly as Dawn runs a very fabulous interior design company. So whats the verdict…?

From the outside, the turrets are evocative of a fairy tale castle and the grounds extensive. Not content with beautiful parquet flooring, Dawn Ward’s impeccable style reaches a whole new level with a glass floor insert peering down into a stunning night time venue, complete with pool table and bar! We also love the flooring in the master bathroom…polished poured concrete, this girl knows what’s on trend! The dressing room gets additional kudos.

Cheshire Housewives

If you have the space for a glass floor in your entrance hall, install now! What are you waiting for? If not, you can still create a similar ambience to Warford Hall within your own home. The colour palette is rather neutral and we have noticed something of a penchant for chandeliers in all shapes and sizes…GET THE LOOK. 

Stacey Forsey..Not sure on the name of her house! Answers in the comments please. 

If first impressions are what matter to you, then Stacey could be your winner! The imposing regency style property gleams in dazzling white. And the style follows through into the interior. We love the original coving, complete with ornate cornice. Again, like Dawn’s house the interior palatte is muted and elegant!  To create a similar look, start with a plaster fire surround, think bigger is better and don’t opt for anything less than over the top.



The Verdict!

In our deliberations we decided it all came down to who has the best swimming pool? The pool at Stacey’s mansion is fairly minimalistic with the mood paintings doing a lot of the talking! Dawn’s pool has more attention to detail with an exquisite chandelier and panelled walls!

Drum roll please, we have a winner! Well done Dawn Ward, we can see why your clients respect your interior expertise and your house is truly beautiful! And well done to Stacey, who was a very close runner up!


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