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Winter is most definitely upon us. Which means we’re all craving for a little comfort and cosiness in the home.

And that desire is reflected in current trends, which are all about making the home a little more welcoming and a lot warmer!

Here are the five interiors products and trends currently gaining popularity on the Houzz platform.



Bid farewell to chilly floorboards and cool tiles, warming textures underfoot are what’s required at this time of year.

‘Carpets’ is a rising trend on Houzz – the online community about all things interiors – with searches up by 77 per cent since spring.

When it comes to colour, it will probably come as no surprise that the two most popular shades are those perennial classics – beige and grey (thanks in no small part to Mrs Hinch and her love of all things greyscale). Also up there, more surprisingly, is blue.



Picture this: a roaring fire, a hot cup of cocoa and your all-time favourite book. Has there ever been a cosier scenario?

Which may go some way in explaining why ‘book’ and ‘library’-based search terms are on the rise among Houzz users.

Searches for ‘bookshelves’ have rise 55 per cent since June, while searches for ‘bookcases’ have increased 33% since March. Even the phrase ‘library’ has gone up 36% in the last nine months.

If your home can’t quite stretch to accommodate a library, ‘floating, ‘built-in’ and ‘ladder’ are the most popular search terms when it comes to book cases.



Searches for ‘panelling’ have soared as temperatures plummet

Hankering down at winter always seem to bring out the grandeur within us, which may go some way to explaining the rise in popularity of ‘panelling’. Searches for the trend have been up 93 per cent since March.

Flick through any glossy mag or browse Pinterest and you’ll see plenty of panelling creeping into editorial shots. These glorious images show how panelling can be brought right up to date, thanks to the contemporary square style bathed in dark grey paint.


Bathroom wallpaper

Wallpaper, like Love Her Madly from Woodchip & Magnolia: coming to a bathroom near you soon!

Wallpaper, in the bathroom? Searches for bathroom wallpaper have been up 72 per cent since June – with dark bathrooms in general zooming up the searches.

This ties in with our current love of truly luxury bathrooms. Whereas in the past, homeowners may have lavished their attention and budget in the kitchen and living room – the areas often seen by guests – we’re now seeing more people splashing out on luxe finishes, strong colours and bold wallpapers in the WC.


Art Deco

When it comes to home trends, Art Deco is in and out of fashion. But right now it is hotter than ever.

And it’s a look that really comes into its own in the cooler months.

Signature elements of this historical style, include rich, lacquered furniture, glinting mirrors and strong colours – all perfect for creating a cosy feel in the cooler months.

As a style, it’s the opposite of restrained, all-white interiors that have been popular in the past and could indicate a return to richer, more decorative interiors.