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Genius or Rubbish? The £5 Entrepreneurs

Genius or rubbish??? You decide.

It’s not like we’re not busy. We are. We’re really busy. But in the course of our busyness (and business) we have to research all kinds of things which might or might not work for a client campaign.

These go from the impressive – we recently met with a company who could project images onto the moon!! – to the downright bizarre and possibly disturbing. We have researched everything from tiny pot plants to giant hot air balloons; bouncy castle TV sets, tins of edible paint … the list goes on.

In-between the great and the bonkers, there’s a huge country of just strange. A hinterland of oddity where people produce things that we really can’t make our mind up about. And most of them find a home on www.fivesquid.com

Genius or nuts?

Anyway, here’s a selection of our favourite bits and bobs which you can buy for £5 or under. If you find something useful here, then  let us know. If you’d like to add anything, please do so in the comments at the bottom.

Make a Toy Talk

action man

For the paltry sum of £5, a nice chap called Stephen will animate the lips of an old-school action figure to make it say any message you like and deliver you a video to show your victim lucky recipient.

Yep, any message you like.

How about: “I’m watching you?”

See it on fivesquid here



Your own personal … cat message?


Right… where to start. This person is called Celia-Jade and for Five of your English pounds, she will, in her words: ‘dress up as a cute cat and hold a colourful hand-drawn-sign.

As you do.

Just one problem with that… we’ve seen cute cats and that’s not one. Be honest – if you saw this thing sat on your back wall, you’re not thinking ‘saucer of milk’ are you. You’re thinking… ‘NOOO! This can’t be how it ends!?’

See it on fivesquid here 


The most epic video ever in the history of epic videos. It’s epic.


terrible things 1 It is simply the most epic thing in the history of the universe. More epic than the Iliad, if it were to be shot as a movie and directed by Peter Jackson.

It’s got castley things and helicopters and cheering crowds and…

And it’s only a fiver! A FIVER. I mean, what can that get you these days? Apart from a talking doll and someone in a catsuit and… oh just watch it. Buy it. Live it!

See it on fivesquid here


Sick note!


For £5 this chap, identified only as Swordfish3, will pretend to be you “parents, family, friends, boyfriends or your secretary” to get you out of things you don’t want to do – including going to work.

Best excuse we’ve ever heard was a call one day from an employee who said he couldn’t come in beacuse there’d been a death.

“Who has died?” he was asked. After which came the reply: “I don’t know, but they’re in my kitchen.”

here he is on… yep you guessed it fivesquid

A tiny, teeny letter… why?

tiny letter

A tiny letter in a tiny envelope. Now that’s cute. Scary human-sized cat, not cute.

We’ve actually toyed with the idea of using this to send messages to journos we love.

See it on fivesquid here


An inflatable beard of bees


“None of the danger of real bees” goes the blurb. We would have loved to have written the copy for this.

Whoever came up with this, we applaud you. Loud and long.

see it on Amazon here <— it’s worth a click just to read the 1 star reviews.

Incidentally, if you’d like to know, people who bought this also bought ‘inflateable unicorn horn.’

Well, in for a penny…



Your message on his chest! (and his back)







For $5 (about £3.20) this handsome chap from Sri Lanka with daub your message on his body and perform a dance in a grass skirt.

In Sri Lanka the average monthly wage is £180, so he needs 60 of these every month to make a living. They average 40 seconds so in theory he could make his whole months wages in one hour.

Allow ten mins each hour  for wiping off old messages and painting on new ones and he has the potential to do 75 of these each hour. That’s a potential earning of £240 per hour.

Where’s my grass skirt and camera? See him on fiverr here



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