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Feeling dizzy about your Digital PR strategy?

The digital world is definitely dizzying when it comes to creating a digital PR strategy.

How do you tell the difference between a blogger and a blagger?

Which platform is the best for your brand?

Should you be tweeting what you had for lunch? Or should it be on Instagram now? Oh no, maybe it should be a Pinterest board?

And what will happen if people don’t like it and a twitter-storm is unleashed against you???

We’ve been carrying out online PR for years

At jwc we have been carrying out online pr since the early days of the web – guiding and advising our clients on their digital presence.
Over this time we have worked across all sectors of the web from handling high-profile crises and nurturing celebrity influencers, to drilling down deep into specialist niche outlets for high interest, high intent audiences.

We are pleased to say that our digital PR strategies have helped businesses to achieve their communication goals again and again.

It all comes down to your business goals

Ultimately, before embarking on any online PR campaign, you need to develop your strategy. And your strategy must come down to your objectives – are you building brand awareness? Looking to drive discovery traffic, or speak to high intent purchasers? And just as importantly – who are your target audience?

Because it’s your goals and your audience which will determine the kind of platform and the type of content you need to put in front of them.

The Blogosphere – How do we get involved?

When it comes to the question of bloggers, we can help you decide which ones are worth focussing on.

And we have brokered client deals with the new generation of social media rockstars whose YouTube accounts get better viewing figures than Corrie.

But as well as allowing us to reach large numbers of people, another benefit of online PR is that it gives us the opportunity to focus communications incredibly tightly towards niche interest websites and blogs.

It’s fair to say the goal is nearly always traffic, of one kind or another. And one of the beauties of online is how much shorter the consumer journey has become in between curiosity and ability to purchase.

Get them talking about you to their audience

The real win which online PR bring us and the goal of our work as a digital pr agency, is to make content which is shareable – something which strikes a chord with your audience in a way which inspires them to tell their own networks about it. In single click your content is flying from the page into a brand new digital community on Twitter, Facebook or any number of platforms to be picked up and shared again.

If you need help developing a digital Public Relations strategy, we can help you put together a communications plan which is honest and designed to achieve your goals.

The age of smoke and mirrors is gone. As Oscar Wilde might have said, the only thing worse than being clicked… is not being clicked.

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