#CottageCore: The Interiors Trend of 2020

It might not be the most obvious of internet crazes, but #CottageCore has [...]

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Press Loft Review: Our verdict on the homes & interiors juggernaut

If you’re considering investing in a Press Loft account, you’ll probably want to [...]

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jwc’s product placement examples

If you’re new to PR, you might not be familiar with the term [...]

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Your October PR Hooks

How well are you looking after your marketing and PR? Are you pitching [...]

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jwc sews up deal with Curtain Express, Montgomery and Tru Living

SPECIALIST homes and interiors marketing agency, jwc, has added the UK’s largest soft [...]

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1,329 ways to secure powerful free media coverage for your brand

According to the media database Cision, there are, currently, 1,329 journalists in the [...]

Boilerplate – what is it and does my firm need one?

PR is full of jargon; AVE (advertising value equivalent); holding statement (a pre-prepared [...]

Product Placement for homes & interiors brands – what is it and how do you do it?

Product placement, in a nutshell, is about getting your products in front of [...]

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The most cost-effective product PR solution for homes, interiors and gift brands.

We know there are some amazing homes, interiors and gift businesses out there, [...]

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Lunchtime musings from Altrincham PR agency jwc December 8

Sam says… When it comes to office snacks, John and I are pretty [...]

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