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Trend Insight – Boho Garden Design

Trend Insight – Boho Garden Design

Boho Garden Design

We are seeing a massive surge in interest right now for garden design, most specifically this year for Boho Garden Design.

So what is a Boho Garden? How do you create a space using the fundamental guidelines of boho styling? Where did the trend come from and is it here to stay? Read on.

graph showing how interest in boho garden ideas has risen in the last few weeks

What is boho garden style?

Boho garden style, short for bohemian garden style, is a design aesthetic that combines the relaxed, carefree attitude of bohemian style with the natural beauty of a garden. This style is characterized by a mix of eclectic, colorful, and often vintage elements, including vibrant patterns, textures, and layers of fabrics, as well as unique and quirky accessories such as vintage furniture, planters, and decor.

In a boho garden, there is a focus on creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere, with plenty of seating areas and nooks to relax and enjoy the beauty of the space. Plants are also an important part of the design, with a mix of both exotic and common species, often arranged in a wild and organic way. This style also often incorporates handmade and DIY elements, such as macrame plant hangers and repurposed furniture.

Overall, the boho garden style is about creating a whimsical and personalized outdoor space that reflects the unique personality and style of the owner.

an example of boho styling in a garden setting
Where did this style originate?

The boho garden style has its roots in the bohemian lifestyle, which emerged in the mid-19th century as a countercultural movement that rejected conventional values and embraced artistic expression, unconventional living arrangements, and a love of nature.

The style gained popularity in the 1960s and 1970s as part of the hippie movement, which also embraced a carefree and bohemian lifestyle. During this time, many people created boho-style gardens as a way to express their connection to nature and their desire for an alternative way of living.

In recent years, the boho garden style has experienced a resurgence in popularity, as people seek to create unique and personal outdoor spaces that reflect their individuality and love of nature. This style has also been influenced by global travel and the rise of sustainable and eco-friendly design, which has led to a greater appreciation of natural materials and handmade craftsmanship.

example of Boho Garden
Is boho styling here to stay?

It’s difficult to predict the longevity of any particular design trend, but the boho style has endured for decades and continues to remain popular. Its focus on individuality, creativity, and a connection to nature resonates with many people, especially those who prioritise a laid-back and free-spirited lifestyle.

Moreover, the boho style has evolved over time to incorporate new trends and technologies, such as the use of sustainable materials and smart gardening techniques. This adaptability suggests that the style will continue to evolve and remain relevant to future generations.

Overall, while the popularity of boho styling may wax and wane over time, it seems likely that the core principles of the style – individuality, creativity, and a connection to nature – will endure for the foreseeable future.

a boho garden design

How do I create a boho styled garden?

Here are some tips for creating a boho styled garden:

  1. Incorporate a mix of colors and textures. Use vibrant colors and patterns in fabrics and accessories, such as cushions, rugs, and curtains. Mix and match different textures, such as rattan, wicker, and metal.
  2. Use natural and organic elements. Use natural materials, such as wood, stone, and clay, for planters and decor. Incorporate organic elements like rocks, water features, and driftwood.
  3. Add layers and create cozy nooks. Use a variety of seating options, such as floor cushions, hammocks, and swing chairs. Create different areas with cozy nooks to sit, relax, and enjoy the garden.
  4. Incorporate greenery. Use a mix of plants with different heights, textures, and colors. Mix in some exotic plants or succulents for added interest.
  5. Use unique and eclectic decor. Incorporate unique pieces, such as vintage furniture, handmade items, and repurposed objects. Consider adding lighting elements like string lights, lanterns, and candles for a cozy ambiance.
  6. Add personal touches. Add personal touches, such as artwork, photos, or mementos, that reflect your individuality and make the space feel like your own.
  7. Remember, the key to creating a boho styled garden is to embrace a carefree and individualistic approach. Be creative, experiment with different elements, and don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles and materials.

What are some Boho Garden Products?

How about a Jan Constantine cushion, or what about this fabulous fold-down garden bar from Forest Garden , or this modular seating area to make the most of a hidden nook.

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