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Find the gold in Autumn…

Find the gold in Autumn…

Get to grip with autumn interiors.

The turn of the season induces a human nesting instinct. We exhibit an  imprinted desire to hygge – to warm up interiors, scatter plushy cushions, throw cable knit blankets and genuinely increase our home interest. The obsession usually surfaces in the latter stages of September, honed to perfection before the onslaught of festive decorating in December…when taste is sometimes found wanting.


The modest keep it simple. Table runners, the addition of expensive scented candles, (never to be lit), a well placed rug or perhaps a tablescape featuring the fruits of the changing outdoors. For the shy, the colour palette is already set. Mulberry, berry hues, burnt oranges and woody textures. But the brave spin the colour wheel…



Paring back overly warm palettes does not mean compromising on cosiness. This autumn neoclassical palettes of mushroom greys and heavy blues are setting the stage for the winter. The comfort relies on the textures, think velvet and suede accessories. And for those who cannot bare autumn without bringing the outside in, place barred twigs in brutalist display bowls.

Spice and all things nice fits well within the autumn season. And if you are not looking to carry out a complete restyle, colour accents can have a big impact. Take things a little left of centre, monochrome palates warm up well with gingery tinged woods or take the hues deeper and edgier with purple.

Of course this year there has been a trend for over styling when it comes to patterns. The trend started out on the catwalks last year, print piled over print, for an eclectic finish. Adding more to an already overloaded interior is questionable, what else could possibly be thrown into the mix? Whilst throwing more cushions is probably a no no, paying attention to mood lighting can switch things into a autumnal gear, without looking too much.

If you are looking to take the easy route to autumn styling, painting a wall is the quick fix. Adding a seasonal accent with a twist of amber gold, ochre, oily green or cranberry can change the entire mood of the whole room. Feature walls are a bit done, but creating a field of colour within frames is here and now.

Don’t be predictable, paint the fifth wall. Ceilings are largely overlooked when it comes to painting a feature wall.



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