Minion Bound #1 – get the look

This rambunctious bunch of simple-minded homunculi are taking over the world, and what’s not to love? Known for their bumbling nature and indistinguishable jabber Minions are a true cultural phenomenon.

Their bold and bright primary pallet has brought sunshine into your lives and laughter into our hearts. But can they bring colour into your world?

Ashamedly bold blues, yellows and blacks are being seen in stylish room sets time and time again – try one or all three to bring some Minions spirit into your home or office.

The dungarees

The iconic dungarees match perfectly with Azure from Ecos Paints.


A fan of the unmistakable banana yellow hue? Try Buttercup.


Finishing Touches

This deep black, Smithy from Ecos, completes this simple, sweet and industrial look of boots, gloves and goggles.Smithy

In a room:

Proof that bright and bold needn’t overpower

Off the peg:

Proof that primary colours can be effortlessly stylish (photo credit

All colours listed are available from Ecos paints and can be bought online.