2017 – The emerging interior trends you need to know about

As we usher in a new year, the interiors PR team at jwc, are looking  forward to 12 months of exciting interior design trends. We are putting our money on a move towards keeping homes light, bright and nature focused, as well as deep, dark and dramatic. Alongside this will be handcrafted ornaments, butterflies and tech that’s innovatively stored away from sight.

Safe to say that it’s going to be a roller coaster ride for the interior design industry. With trends and colour schemes that have never seemed more polarised, let’s discover just what’s in store.

Colours & Materials

Dark hues contrast against neutrals

Our favourite paint brand earthborn, have reviewed their 2016 sales to inform what trends we might see this year. And quite rightly predict bold, beautiful things – with the dark, dramatic colour schemes coming along with us from 2016 into 2017  “inky blues, rich reds and deep greens”. That all said, these vibrant shades are set against a backdrop of whites and naturals (a nod to the increasingly popular trend for Scandinavian style interiors).

A further colour predicted to put in a strong performance again this year will be grey, which is perhaps not so surprising given its versatility.

earth born two

Source: earthborn

Greenery – Pantone Colour of the Year


Pantone colour of the year for 2017 is Greenery – a trend we identified earlier in 2016. This shade brings brightness and vibrancy into homes, refreshing and revitalising. Pantone state that their choice of colour this year has been heavily influenced by many changes taking place in our global cultures – and that this tone represents new beginnings.



Verdigris is less a colour, more a naturally occurring metal effect. Here we see a powerful partnership between Verdigris and a trend that’s going to be hot property this year – textures.

Source: loods5.com

A shift from high shine metals (such as copper) to industrial metals


Whilst copper will still be on-point for the winter of early 2017, experts predict that the high-shine, highly polished metals will soon be replaced by matt black metals and brushed steels by spring.

Source: Sheer Luxe



New Opulence

Art Deco

Art Deco will be a source of much inspiration for 2017, as velvets, vellum, marble and mirrored furniture and accessories emerge as defining a new direction for interior design.

Source: The High Boy

Modern Natural

Modern Natural

The ‘modern natural’ theme will be defined by shades of cream, white and grey, with key pieces of furniture that take inspiration from previous eras (think minimalistic and futuristic meets retro). The key colour of green fits seamlessly with the modern natural theme, as we’ll see more foliage in our homes (and some of this will feature on walls – with exotic, lush wallpapers with a jungle feel).

Source: Studiopepe for Spotti Milano

Source: Singita (109/7035) wallpaper from The Ardmore Collection, £295 per roll, Cole & Son


Lush Wallpapers

Butterflies will be seen on everything from our wallpaper to our fabrics, and will be an excellent feature to contrast against grey, white or turquoise walls. It’s interesting that butterflies are also considered an icon of optimism and re-birth – key ideas that feature in the Pantone colour of the year.


Source: Sasha Buyoff


Mixed patterns

Vibrant, mixed patterns

Fabrics will venture into bold territory this year, featuring vibrant mixed patterns that can be especially spectacular when set within a neutral colour scheme interior.

Source: Elle Decor

Wallcoverings and finishing

Wood cladding

Wood cladding

This year, wood cladding is coming in from the cold to grace very stylish interiors – from the most modern of homes where it will be combined with tiles, metal or another contemporary material, to rustic homes that are on-track for creating a log cabin vibe.

Source: Decor Demon

Tactile texture


Texture is going to big in 2017 – featuring in everything from crushed velvet couches, to cork covering for the wall (one revival from the 1970’s that we thought would never return – but we have to say, the results can be pretty impressive). For those not brave enough to go all out on the cork, exposed walls and textured fabrics will do the job nicely.

Source: Brit Morin

Faux Finishes

Chipboard Stripes and Geo Line Black

Another trend to emerge from the darkest ages of interior design is that of faux finishes. This time round however, technology means that faux finishes such as wood, quartz and marble look and feel more authentic than ever before (all whilst coming in at a fraction of the cost of the real deal!).

We are absolutely loving the chipboard tiles from the Baked Tile Company

Mixed patterns

Mixed patterns 2

Leading on from faux finishes, will be a move towards mixed patterns for added depth. This will certainly pose a tough task for many, and experts are stating that 2017 will be one of the most challenging years yet, in terms of creativity. However, as we can see from the image below, when mixed patterns work well, the outcome can be pretty impressive.

Source: My Design Agenda (Deliciosa bar Stool by Koket)


Wooden fireplaces

Wood fireplace

Wooden fireplaces are going to be a key talking point this year, and will be especially effective when they feature against a dark backdrop.

Source: Twenty-two Digital Ltd

Textured, natural statement seats


Texture will extend to our furniture and seating – and we’ll also see nature combine with this trend. The following seat from Habitat is a perfect example of how these will work together (and this particular piece would work well with the Jungle direction seen in 2017 wallpapers).

Source: Habitat

Artisan ornaments

Handblown vase

This year will be the year of the artisan – which shouldn’t come as a shock as we have seen increasing popularity for craft items in many other realms (not least of which has been the food and drink industries). This will translate to hand-made ornaments – especially glass wear and wooden items.


Source:! Glass & Crystal & Rocks !

Foldable rooms and appliances


2017 will be the year that we become inventive with how we use our spaces, with furniture and appliance designers focusing on foldable solutions. Take this example from Gaggenau, who also demonstrate how items such as this will really mean that our spaces become simpler and more minimalistic.

Source: Gaggenau


Interior design trends that we’ll say goodbye to in 2017


Navy Blue

Black has had a short and sweet time as an interior design trend. Thankfully you don’t have to face whitewashing over that super dark base, as navy blue will step into its shoes gracefully.

Source: My Design Agenda

Single era-focused rooms

2017 will welcome a mix between eras – as we’ve already seen. This is a big move away from spaces that focus solely on antiquated pieces – or rooms with items exclusively from the 60s or 70s. This merge between statement pieces from various eras is certainly something that can create more intrigue and interest.

Oversized furniture

Large, chunky furniture items are well and truly out. Space is at a premium, now more than ever (hence this year’s trend toward foldable appliances and rooms). So, whilst that super large sofa may be comfortable, it’s time to look for a smaller solution to make the most of your living space.


It’s quite clear that 2017 is going to make for a vintage year when it comes to interior design; and yet the many new directions, themes and colour schemes aren’t going to be without their challenges. Most certainly some of the trends are going to take more consideration as compared to previous years where everything just seemed a whole lot simpler. Nevertheless, as the examples here show, the interiors of 2017 are going to be nothing short of breath taking.