Everybody loves a bit of Bond and with the highly anticipated Spectre, hitting the cinemas today, we’re once again lusting over the 00 lifestyle.

One of the big talking points about the new trailer is that we catch a rare glimpse of Bond’s modern pad, but did you know until then we’ve only been lucky enough to see the MI6 agent’s digs twice: once Dr. No and once Live and Let Die.  Fitting, for the 007 incognito life.

Dr. No apartment

Our first look of Bond’s apartment is briefly in Dr. No where he finds a scarcely dressed Sylvia Trench playing golf in his living room, but it is enough to capture our imagination and covet another aspect of the MI6 agent’s life.


The apartment oozes traditional British gentleman and is mixes 60’s fashion with elegant Victorian and Baroque designs.

So, if you think you have a license to thrill, here’s our guide to get the 007 look.


What strikes us the most in Bond’s hallway is the feature Victorian-esque velvet and wood chairs. We can imagine Bond sinking into this traditional armchair after a long day with a martini vesper shaken not stirred, obviously.

Make a statement with these similar moss green chairs:

Armchair, £625, Brand Interiors                     Velvet chair, £199, Maine UK                                             ArmchairChair




This simple yet effective ceiling light offers hint of masculinityLight as well as being a great way to brighten up your room.

£55.68, Lighting Direct








Make sure you look sharp before you leave with this elegant French-style oval mirror for £169 from Scout About Interiors.






For a classical look, you can’t go wrong with Baroque – even secret agents can’t resist. This Laura Ashley traditional burgundy rug is a perfect replica.

£138.60 – £220.50 depending on size.






TableAs we know, Bond gets about a lot on missions which is reflected with his furnishings. This German 1820’s style table fits in perfectly with the travelling agent lifestyle.

£325.00 from The Old Cinema.







Wooden chair




The best thing about this wishbone chair is that you can choose from a different variety of wood and leather seat colour.

£169, Vita Interiors.


Side Tables


In keeTablesping with the traditional gentleman theme, Bond’s apartment has a lot of classical wood pieces, including a pair of elegant tables. You can find similar ones at Fruugo for £86.







Now you just need something to put on top of them – who’d have thought, you can live like a spy on a budget! This jazz singer figure completes the look for just £6.49 from Dunelm Mill.

And that’s it. Your pad will now be 00 heaven (sorry, couldn’t resist!)