When it comes to guilty pleasures, there’s no denying that Geordie Shore stands highly upon the pedestal. Although, we find some of the cast member’s lifestyle choices slightly questionable, there’s just something about the controversial show that has us gripped.

Geordie Shore GreeceGeordie Shore Greece 3

For those who don’t know the show it’s basically a bunch of young, single Geordies with a low alcohol tolerance, chucked into a house together for several weeks of partying, arguing and… well, you can imagine the rest.

Although the entertainment value is top notch, we can’t help but envy the house interiors – even though we know it’ll be destroyed by the end of season. We’ve been following these northern party animals since 2011, predominately in Newcastle but also holidaying to Magaluf, Mexico, Sydney and now Greece.

Geordie Shore Greece 2Geordie Shore Greece 1

Series 11 premiered recently and straight away were obsessed with  the sleek yet bright, colourful and a little childish decor of the Geordie’s luxurious Grecian villa. Now, we’re not saying you have to live exactly like them, but if you too are fixated with this lively interior follow our guide on how to replicate it:

[nzs_heading heading=”4″] Living room [/nzs_heading]

[nzs_heading heading=”4″] Seating [/nzs_heading]

GS sofa


The main feature to living room is the large, plush L-shaped sofa. We can only imagaine how comfy it is, especially to lay on when your hungover. Find a similar one for £999 on Quatropi.



[nzs_heading heading=”4″] Cushions [/nzs_heading]




Brighten up your sofa with these bold block scatter cushions from Homescapes. Follow the Geordie’s lead by adding an element of fun with these simple yet effective colourful cushions for just £4.99 – £6.99 each.



[nzs_heading heading=”4″] Lighting [/nzs_heading]


Orange lampGreen lamp



It’s obvious they didn’t hold back on colour when decorating this house and we love the effortless splash of colour from the green and orange lamps. Make a statement and add bright lights to your house with these colourful lamps for £99 from Quatropi.




[nzs_heading heading=”4″] Table [/nzs_heading]


GS Coffee table



We can guess that the coffee table in the Geordie Shore house is used for anything but drinking coffee at… pre-drinks, maybe? Anyway, there’s no denying this stunning dark wood tables flows with the effortless look of the house. Find a similar one at Debenhams for £266.



[nzs_heading heading=”4″] Decoration [/nzs_heading]


White bowl

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference and we love the contrast from dark wood coffee table to the bright white bowl. Finish the living room look with this cut-out bowl from Milly’s Store for £59.



[nzs_heading heading=”4″] Dining room [/nzs_heading]


[nzs_heading heading=”4″] Dining table [/nzs_heading]


Dining table


We’re not sure how much cooking will go in the house but we bet a lot of takeaways will be consumed and where else better to eat fast food than at an elegant table. The glass table and leather chairs ooze modern sophistication yet somehow fits in well with the rowdy northerner’s stylish villa. Find the perfect replica for £232.99 from Wayfair.


[nzs_heading heading=”4″] Decoration [/nzs_heading]




The colourful streak carries on into the dining room with the statement pink and green vases making a stark contrast to the dark table. Duplicate the exact colours for £36.99 each from Wayfair or keep it simple with just one green on for £12.99 from Dunelm.



[nzs_heading heading=”4″] Bedrooms [/nzs_heading]


[nzs_heading heading=”4″] Bed covers [/nzs_heading]


Bed covers



We all know that famous Geordie’s are all a little childish at heart which is why these playful outfit bed covers suit them perfectly. Relieve your childhood with these exact replicas from John Lewis for £49.






[nzs_heading heading=”4″] Mirror [/nzs_heading]


Large mirror




Leaning mirrors are the ‘in’ thing right now and when it comes to these, it’s a case of the bigger, the better. We reckon a lot of pre- night out selfies will be taken in this extra large mirror. Find a similar one for £635.38 from Exclusive Mirrors.






And that’s all there is to it. Now you can give your house a propa Geordie makeover…with maybe a little less alcohol consumption.