Cartoon Bound #1 Marge Simpson – get the look

She’s as iconic as Marilyn and as formidable as Thatcher. We give you Marge Simpson.

The Springfield mom (not mum) is responsible for more than her family. Her subdued primary palette has become part of the national consciousness and whereas we only used to see these shades in the kids rooms, we are seeing combinations of primaries used in living spaces and and workplaces to add interesting accents.

And why not, if they were good enough for Mondrian, they’re good enough for us. Why not give it a go.



Pacific Heights

The hair

Marge’s bouffant… or blue-fant, could be Pacific Heights from Ecos Paints.



Her delicate Springfield skintone, might it possibly be this sun-quenched shade of Sunflower?

Warwick Green

That dress

The dress, the green dress… or as we know know – Warwick Green…

And finally

We love that Marge doesn’t combine earings with her necklace. Which matches her shoes perfectly. Good on you girl. This shade is called Pavarotti.


In a room:

Here’s an interesting use of primaries as mains and accents.



Off the peg:

Yellows and blues are a classic combo. Why not mix Marge’s colours into an outfit (photo credit to jenni found in my closet):

primary clothes

All colours listed are available from Ecos paints and can be bought online.