Have you seen Ant Man yet? Why not!

He might not be the most mainstream superhero, but he’s bang on trend when it comes to colours for 2015. And we’re going to show you how to channel them into your home and wardrobe this season.

Unlike Superman or Spiderman (blue, red and yellow (yawn) ), Antman’s costume features gradations of colour: from the intense red of his eyes to the more muted accents of his chest and legs. He might not be as hard as Superman, but he’s win hands-down on the catwalk.

Here are our favourite colours from Antman’s outfit.



1. Forbidden Fruit, Craig & Rose

AlbanyBrightonRock swatch

Although it suits the insectoid hero’s eyes, we think it would be ideal for both a feature wall or even an entire room…it depends on how daring you want to be! From the Craig & Rose ‘Opulance’ collection


2. Brighton Rock, Albany

AlbanyBrightonRock swatchA more muted-red, it might strike fear into the heart of his enemies, but use this for room accents and create a romantic atmosphere. From the Albany ‘Traditions’ collection


3. Victorian Purple, Zoffany

VictorianPurpleZoffanyNot a million miles from Antman’s gunmetal grey, this lovely shade has hints of purple to bring a sense of warmth. From Zoffany.



 In your home


Glossy reds and grey/blacks, create a colour scheme which screams 1989. Just put a red-framed print of a Lamborghini Countach on the wall and Terence Trent D’Arby on the ‘hi-fi’ and you’re there. (photo dytrack.com)






northwest living

However, tone things down a little and you can create a fantastic contemporary look like this sitting room and with the smart van der Rohe-style footstools.







Room company

Or this gorgeous use of greys and bold red accents from the Room Company, reveal a look which is absolutely of this moment.







Off the peg (photo courtesy of hercampus.com)

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 11.57.40 AM_0




Using the same theme, why not spruce up a dark, casual look by tying a grungy red plaid shirt around your waist, along with red accessories.


Cheers Antman!