Blogger outreach services

Reaching out to bloggers can be a useful exercise – you can generate reviews, genuine engagement, place branding, create backlinks, speak to a very specific niche, and ultimately drive traffic to your site.

But it can also be an incredible waste of time. For many reasons.

Firstly, lots of them charge or demand freebies in return for featuring your product.

That’s not a biggie, gifting a review product has been a part of dealing with the media for years. But at what point does a blogger become a blagger.

It takes a lot of time, cost and energy spent reaching out, negotiating and posting samples. Is it worth it? Could you set-up a Katie Hopkins fan club and get more traffic than this site can offer?

Independent online outlets

This brings us to the main problem of independent online outlets. The main one is the sheer quantity of them. Seriously, there are quizzilions of them out there. There’s a whole ecosystem blogs and bloggers, vloggers and social media superstars.

Plus there’s a thriving economy of training courses and guides for people who think they can be the next Zoella.

They are springing up at the rate of one every second. Some never make it to their first post. Some do. Some become great resources.

Some you need to avoid. For instance the blatant cashcows where the owner of the site will clearly write anything in return for freebies or cash. These sites lack integrity and as such have no trust from any audience.

But how do you know which ones are worthwhile?

We can tell you.  We have a database of over 7,000 UK bloggers. Each graded on a scale from 0 to 99, depending on the level of influence they have across traditional and social media.

This rating is worked out using over 40 data points, including the performance of content, comments to posts and their impact and engagement across social sites.

We can help you to get your products into the right hands.